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20 January 2012 @ 10:14 pm
I don't really use this anymore. Like ever. So. Head over here:
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02 June 2009 @ 05:20 pm
Hey UOttawa friends, here's what I've got for my schedule! Anyone have classes with me?

Show me your schedule, svp!

Fall 2009
Winter 2010

Not to bad, eh? I get long weekends both semesters. And I'm starting French! Whoo! So who's gonna be with me?
05 December 2008 @ 05:48 pm
Oh fuck. I have a Japanese exam in one hour.

and I'm actually pretty calm.

I mean, yeah there is basic nervousness but I know once I get the test in front of me all that will just float away.

I have also decided that when I go to Tokyo I will be androgynous. I will dress up like a girl one day then a boy the next. I want to see what will happen and how people will react and if I can get a gay man to fall for me. That'd be the fun one.

15 September 2007 @ 02:10 pm
More pictures that have been taken with my new camera.

Ma room.Collapse )

Krystle's UBER *cough*LATE*cough* SECRET GIFT!Collapse )

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That's all.
30 June 2007 @ 06:16 pm
Ugh. I was working outside today - whether or not it was voluntary, I'm still trying to work out - and just... ugh. I'm tired. I feel a bit better now that I've rested but I noticed a few things while I was mowing down weeds, pulling weeds, getting rocks out of weeds, and having a, "I Hate Weeds!" day.

And I wonder, what do humans have against weeds? I mean, really. They're just trying to survive, just like every other living thing on this planet. Some of them are pretty and cool looking, but because they choke other plants, "real plants", we're tearing them up and away. Killing them. I felt a little bad about that but, after awhile, the feeling went away.

There are way to many fucking bugs in the world. Just... gross. I don't like bugs AT ALL. Found one big sucker crawling on my skin and then one clinging to a strand of hair. Ick. But I couldn't help but think how traumatizing the experience was for the bugs. Like, fuck, we four crazy bitches come in there with our clippers and lawn mowers and hands and just start tearing up their home, their habitat. I hate bugs, but I felt a little bad about it. Just imagine a giant lawn mower coming down on your house, or two hands coming down and tearing your home up from the roots. Maybe then, you'll understand how these bugs (probably) felt.

Other then that, it was almost fun. I got this awesome feeling of satisfaction knowing that once we were done all this back breaking work, we'd have a presentable front yard. I'm kind of bummed, though, that mom didn't get some herbs. I want to start growing my own herbs, maybe in one of those little window gardens that you see in apartments. I want one because... well I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I could pick them and use them for spells? I'm not sure. I want rosemary though. And a couple others that I can't really remember the names of. Mom did get me some fluorescent pink flowers though. Which is, you know, cool and all but I'm not really a big fan of flowers. I think I like trees more. Just 'cause trees don't attract bees. And other bugs that pollinate shit. And wasps. I want a Weeping Willow. But you have to put them FAR, FAR, AWAY from your house because their roots will travel up to 400 yards to find water. 400 YARDS! That's 1,200 feet! 36,576 centimeters! 365.76 meters! 0.22727273 miles! Jesus! That's a lot. But I still want one. Maybe by the river?

Okay, I'm going do some actual, computery, "work".

Poor bugs, poor weeds. Poor weeping willows.

Long Live the shiftrevolution
30 June 2007 @ 06:16 pm
I just finished three books in the last 48 hours. Are you proud of me? I am. One book I was halfway through, another I was pages away from finishing, one I just started yesterday. And I finished them all. There's still one more book that I'm the middle of, but that one is going to take more time considering the fact that it's a historical book. Jam packed with Pirate facts. It's really cool, but some parts can be hard to get through. I learned what a dingy is though! Woo!

Today is Nation Day of Action. I think it is a Native American thing. Or maybe a Mohawk thing? I'm not exactly sure, but I'm trying to decide if I want to go. My mom told me that the Canadian government is trying to take away post-secondary education funding for Native Americans. This really pisses me off! After GCC I planned to take a year off and try and break into showbiz, but now I'm going to have to skip that and try and get an agent while trying to pass university classes. I'm pretty angry. I was hoping to take one at a time. Should I go and protest? Go and make a sign and yell? I'm definietly going to write a letter to my PM guy. Make him do something, 'cause this is all I got. If they take away funding, HOW IN THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT AFTER UNI? Fuckers.

This weekend is Canada day. Those fucking Canadians. Fuck. Okay, nothing against Canadians really, just their government. Fucking government. Right, Canada Day. Going to Kingston. Gonna hang out at Chelsea's. Watch everyone get drunk. Maybe I should bring a book? Not sure. Video game? That'd be fun. But I'm going to make the best of our time together. Who knows when we'll all see each other again? Or when we'll see Fiona for that matter. Fuck.

I'm getting all mopey. I'm gonna find a bok to read or play a video game or call my daddy. Something.

I miss my daddy.

Today is a sad day.

Long live the shiftrevolution
30 June 2007 @ 06:16 pm
I've been going on these cleaning streaks. They come and go, but the next thing on my list is to do ALL THE FUCKING LAUNDRY IN MY FUCKING BATHROOM. I had it all organized, once, then it just turned into a dumping pile and I hate looking at the bathroom much less going in there.

I'm starting to get into juvenile things again. Neopets. I'm really getting into that. Really. I've a got a store, a couple pets, petpets, a Neohome, I collect interest from my bank account. Ad someone has already said, I'm now 13 again.

Oh god. I'm too lazy for this. I'll try again some day.


Long Live the shiftrevolution
30 June 2007 @ 06:15 pm
Good news: Mom let me drive the car to the store and back, to work and back, and then to work and back again.

Bad news: Mom is too sick (cold) to leave the house. That's why I drove.

Money made: $120.75. Priceless.

Long Live the shiftrevolution
14 October 2006 @ 08:46 pm
Here are some icons. Nothing special.

Bou - 9
Kanon - 2
BouxKanon - 1
Miku - 2
Teruki - 1

Credits: meth, ewanism, nokoriame, sir, iconistas, xplastique, xinstinctive, iiokua, if I missed any let me know.

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